On April 19th, we hosted a fundraiser in support of Silver Willow Farm Rescue. We raised $789 through admission, donations and paintings.

Bill put together this image below featuring Pax’s Spanish Walk, Pax’s Self-Portrait and Pax painting. Our MC, Herb Williams, auctioned off the five framed photos and raised over $150. Sunday April 26th we’re having our second fundraiser for Silver Willow Farm Rescue. Email me to make reservations.


When Sue Parker went to fetch Zelador from his stall to come to the arena for his liberty act Sunday he spun away from her. Bill tried to catch him and he spun from Bill. I think Sue tried again (or it might have been Bill) and Zelador went up on his hind legs, hit the overhead beam and scraped hair off a spot above his right eye. Sue said he’s never acted like that and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

On Monday, Sally said that yesterday when she arrived for the fundraiser both she and the people in the car noticed a horse lying flat-out in the paddock across the road (Perry’s) with a tarp over it (never a good sign). The other two horses were not outdoors (they’re ALWAYS outdoors). I mentioned this to Cassie today and she said that earlier Sunday during one of her trips to her house she noticed a horse down in the paddock, however, its head was up.

So, I’m wondering if Zelador was reacting to the dead horse when he did his spinning in the stall when Sue went to fetch him. All of our horses call to the three horses across the road every morning when we put them in the paddock.

Today there are two horses in Perry’s paddock.