Zelador let me know that he LOVES the blue box (the letter ‘A’ is on the green box). When I asked him to touch the letter ‘A’ Zelador picked up the blue box, tossed it, picked it up again, brought it to me, dropped it, spun it, twirled it and dreamt up a few more moves. He really wanted a click/treat for all of his inventiveness. During this blue box activity Zelador went to the stall wall and rubbed his nose on the ‘A’ in his name which was written there in chalk. I almost click/treated, but held my ground. After even more flips of the blue box he went to the wall where the ten inch high chalk ‘A’ is and rubbed it with his nose. Had to laugh. What a character! I figure he was repeatedly pointing out that I had not been clear in my request. I had asked him to touch ‘A’ and he’d found not one, but TWO ‘A’s for me. He was determined to get a click/treat and NOT touch the ‘A’ on the green box. Zelador finally left the blue box and the ‘A’s on the wall and went to his hay net. I cheerfully, AGAIN, mentioned touching ‘A’. He walked to the green box and touched the ‘A’!!!!! At that point he received a jackpot of carrots. It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with on Day Eight.

The other five horses were refreshingly boring. Each one quickly went to the green box.