Last Friday Lindsey came to the arena to “man” the CD player while Zelador and I did our liberty work. We were looking for a good music match. Several of the songs from the 1950’s were O.K. Quite a few were too fast. Since I like ABBA we decided to try “Momma Mia”. Zelador perked up instantly. Then Lindsey played “Waterloo”. Wow! That horse was flying. She called out, “If you’re going to use this song, you’ll have to be on your toes, watching him all the time!” Yep, “Waterloo” could definitely be MY Waterloo.

Saturday was the first day we practiced the pas de deux. Dee, a friend of ours, stopped by and we put her to work, manning the tape recorder (yes, we were using a tape!). We went through the routine several times. The boys had it down pat.

Sunday Bill was scheduled to go cross-country skiing at noon so we snuck in a practice before he left. With no one to help with the music I was in charge of pushing the start button. At that point Bill began the routine on Zeloso while I led Zelador to the mounting block and got on. By the time I accomplished that Bill was preparing to do the second element in the pas de deux. To start it I’m at the north side of the building and Bill is at the south side. We both have our horse walk sideways over a pole on the ground.

We each have our own pole and the two poles meet in the centre. These particular poles are light weight and used underground in construction. I quite like them because I can carry two of them easily and position them where I want without becoming exhausted.

We meet in the centre (where the two poles join), then separate. Well, as I was guiding Zelador to the pole he hit it (on purpose!!!). The pole landed at a jaunty angle five feet away, essentially making the exercise impossible to do. He clearly demonstrated that the very qualities I adore in the poles can be used against me by a horse! I started to dismount so that I could reset the pole and stop the music. Bill called out, “I’m continuing so we can see how things go with the music.”


I moved over to the next element. I’m at one side of the arena and Bill and Zeloso are at the other. We each pick up a garrocha pole which is leaning against the wall and move to the middle of the arena. As I reached for mine I heard Bill laugh. Zeloso had bumped it with his head and sent it flying.

It was on the ground. There was no way Bill was going to be able to do the garrocha portion of the pas de deux.

At that point I got off Zelador, went to the tape player (pausing to straighten the pole he’d hit) and stopped the music. Bill got off Zeloso and picked up his garrocha pole.

Those two were probably up all Saturday night, figuring out how to sabotage their next practice.

The good news is: after that rocky beginning the boys were little angels and the practice went well.

Monday I went to the mall searching for more music. What I did find was a large GREEN frog (Kermit). It’s adorable!!! This morning I presented it to the boys while they were munching on breakfast. They were quite amused.

During our training session each Lusitano had the opportunity to open the box, take out Kermit and carry the frog to the low platform. They thoroughly enjoyed flipping their heads and sending Kermit’s limbs wiggling. Both horses proudly stepped up on the platform, dropped Kermit in the dust and waited for their carrot.

Now I’ll see if I can teach them to differentiate the PINK BUNNY from the GREEN FROG. This should be entertaining!