Sunday we went to visit Red Robin and Whisper. They’re young miniature horses. I had some toys in the van because I’m visiting another miniature, Noel, once a week in preparation for the fundraiser for Equine Guelph June 26th.

Bill and Ron went with me to play with Red Robin and Whisper. They both noticed that the miniatures weren’t like horses! I asked, “In what way?” and they said, “They’re not afraid of things. You would think at their size they’d be worried about predators, but they are inquisitive and happy.”


We introduced the Spanish Walk to Red Robin and Whisper. We also taught them the big smile. Whisper has a GREAT one! Red Robin really enjoyed being a “riding horse” and carried around the duck with great pride.

Both little ones are on the brink of holding an object. Once they can do that they’ll easily learn how to carry things, then fetch things. Such fun! The only one who had a horse-related mishap was Bill. He announced, “A mini stepped on my foot.”