Philippe Karl and his wife, Bea, are coming HERE (King township, Ontario July 10, 11 and 12)! I can’t believe it!!!

I learned about him a few months ago from a friend in Australia. I already had a copy of his book on Long Reining and she told me about his book, “Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage” and his four DVDs. I now have all of them and have told everyone about this man. If someone comes to our farm it’s only a matter of moments before I have the person planted in my favorite chair watching one of the DVDs.

I’ve been fortunate to know several excellent classical horseman, but not one of them has been able to articulate in English (both are from Europe) every little detail so that I can make their knowledge my own. BUT Philippe Karl CAN explain what he knows and he does it clearly and patiently.

In his DVDs he uses sketches on a whiteboard to introduce concepts to the audience. The board is against the wall in a courtyard right next to a stall. At Philippe’s elbow (sticking his head over his stall’s half door) is Ben. This is the chestnut pony that his wife has put more than 300 tricks on. (THREE HUNDRED!!! My boys have about forty and that’s because I’m heavily padding my count by including walk/trot/canter to the right as three “tricks” and walk/trot/canter to the left as three MORE “tricks”.)

Ben is very interested in each of Philippe’s lectures. Being a pony he can’t stand majestically (like a TALL horse) and place his head over the door. He stretches his neck and raises his nose so he can add his emphasis to a point that Philippe is making.

I find Philippe Karl’s training system refreshing and logical. For over half a century I’ve been involved in sports, including swimming, orienteering, Modern Pentathlon and horses. I’ve learned how to prepare my mind and my body for each sport. The physical warm-up starts with mobility (muscles and joints), not with running/swimming fast. The speed comes later. Philippe uses the same approach to the horse. Hallelujah!!! It’s about time!

The “HOME” page on the horse-canada website gives the details surrounding the clinic. I’ll see you there!