Ron and Pax wowed the crowd at the Canadian breed show.

Ron and Pax wowed the crowd at the Canadian breed show.

Ron and Pax attended the Canadian Breed show near Erin this past weekend.

The biggee…would he get on the trailer in a timely fashion? He was on and happy within 30 seconds. Whew!

Saturday his first class was a halter class of geldings. He won it. He distinguished himself by nibbling on the judge’s hat as she stood near him. Good news? The judge laughed.

His second class earned him a huge ribbon and entry into the BIG class to determine the top Canadian. He won that.

Later in the day he was second in dressage out of five. Each of the five riders felt he/she placed last.

Sunday his only class was the trail class. He caught the judge’s attention again. This time it was at the mail box. Ron opened it and Pax stuck his head in. The judge laughed. Pax won the class.

As the sun set on the weekend of classes and ribbons, Pax stepped up and wowed the crowd.

As you know, games and liberty are among Pax’s many skills, but the Canadian Breed Association Show didn’t have a class for liberty or tricks. That being said on Sunday when everything was finished ten people gathered to watch Pax SIT. Ron had not taken a bean bag so he stacked hay bales and placed a blanket over them. Pax SAT!!!!