November 24

Here’s Noel with her “Build a Bear” shoes on. We had our first practice for a House Party at Winsong Farm this winter. If all goes well she just might find herself at a house concert, entertaining during intermission.

In the future we won’t be taking head-on photos of the miniature. Really, her head is NOT that big.

Today she held a toy in her mouth and waved it! First time I’ve ever had a horse do that in the first session. She also stepped in the middle of a tub with first one hoof, then the other. Noel stepped on the soft toy that has a checkerboard pattern with different squeak sounds in each square. No problem with the noise. She was able to nudge the small ridged ball. All of the above made for an amazing session. Looking forward to teaching her how to sit on a bean bag, activate the EASY button, differentiating objects, etc.

You know, the usual fun stuff.

November 26

Today we loaded Noel into the mini-van and brought her to Winsong Farm to practice sitting on a bean bag for the first time. She had no problem with the bean bag. She sniffed it, pawed at it and accepted it. She watched Dora sit on it.

Noel was able to back up to the bean bag and on two occasions she leaned her hind end into the bag. Pretty good stuff for a first lesson.

We have learned that she’s strong-willed and feisty!

We’re looking forward to our next bean bag sitting session.

Meanwhile we took the opportunity to photograph her ever-expanding shoe collection. She quite likes them. She stands perfectly still and lets me put them on her hooves and even remains quiet while I tie the bows.