Our next fund-raiser is May 1, 2011 for Ann and Pete’s Dog Rescue in Pottageville.

Our current challenge is to create the program. “Men Doing Dressage” has been a hit for the past two years. Here’s a video taken last year with Bill, Allen and Ron.  

 The previous year just Bill and Ron performed. So I’m wondering if we should continue the trend and add another man for this performance. (Or, will the men run and hide and refuse to do dressage!)

Someone suggested that it’s time to create a story for one of the acts. Brenda works with a hotel chain and she suggested “Going on a trip”. The horse can arrive at a hotel, ring a bell for the desk clerk, get to the room and turn on the radio (activate the floor piano)… I added: the horse can pack a suitcase, roll out the carpet in the hotel’s lobby, order room service…

One act that’s already being rehearsed (at least mentally) has Ron, Daniela and Pax vaulting. We have a gorgeous white leather vaulting surcingle which needs to be dusted off. Perhaps it’ll actually make it to the back of a horse.

“Dancing with Horses” is being bandied about. (I quite like the word “bandied”. One of its definitions is: curved so knees cannot meet.) Brenda and Dart (a Thoroughbred/Lusitano) are working on dance steps for “The Hustle”. I’m hoping that they’ll show everyone where they’re at in this project May first.

Allen Kalpin watched a video of Kye playing with the big ball. He commented that Kye handles the ball like a pool player bouncing the balls off the edge of the table. Hmmm…