Ron, Bill, Chloe (a helper at our farm this summer) and I picked up our Equicizer recently. The first video below is of Ron, the second is Chloe. Chloe had just ridden her first horse a few minutes earlier. She rode Pax bareback with the lunging surcingle.

Come visit and meet and ride our newest “horse”!

As a teaching tool it has endless possibilities, limited only by the instructor’s imagination.

Picture this: the instructor has you cantering on your horse. He sees something that you could do to improve things. He tells you. You try really hard to listen, but just keeping your horse going is occupying all of your mind and body. For a brief moment you think you’ve gotten one stride that your instructor was hoping for.

The Equicizer is in the arena. The instructor has you halt, dismount and get on the Equicizer. You canter on the “horse” and the instructor is able to position you legs, hands, head, seat without breaking into a sweat!

At the Equicizer website there’s a video about osteoporosis and how the Equicizer can help. There’s also information from different therapy groups who have an Equicizer in their program.

On August 15th, an equestrian who experienced a fall from her 17.2hh horse while going over a jump at a show came to meet our Equicizer. The equestrian took off her knee brace and got on. She’s at the stage in her recovery where she’s NOT allowed to put weight on her injured leg. I got on the “horse” and demonstrated how it works (no electronics, just you and your body). She loved it! She soon learned that just keeping the Equicizer going is a cardiac exercise. The equestrian discovered that FINALLY here was an exercise that would actually prepare her for getting back on her own horse. She left Winsong Farm with a huge smile on her face and scheduled her next visit.

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