winnie_new_horse.jpgThere’s a new addition to Winsong Farm. This Dutch Warmblood colt will be one year old August 3. He’s here to grow up, learn tricks, play at liberty and have a great childhood!

Kye was designated to go on the trailer with Mike Charters to pick up the youngster, Marcus. Mike glanced at his watch as he pulled into Marcus’ farm. It was 1:45. He glanced again as he was leaving. It was 1:55.

Kye is not only Marcus’ designated travelling companion, he’s also his babysitter. The two are very entertaining in the paddock. Apparently Marcus gets confused (quite often) about exactly where Kye wants him to graze. You know Kye’s teaching the youngster when you hear Kye’s squeals. These can be heard from any spot on our 25 acre farm. Kye’s got great lungs.

We’ve taken the two of them to the arena several times. Kye keeps the babe with him as he walks around the pedestals, picks up toys and pushes the big ball.

In the stall we’ve introduced the Big Smile, picking up the small orange cone, touching a brush, backing up, step over…to list a few. Marcus is attentive and thoughtful. He grasped the click/treat concept quickly.

We’re all looking forward to teaching him everything we can think of!