We’ve been working on having Zelador fetch an article and give it to a specific individual. Initially I walk towards the person and later I stay where I am and he figures out whom to carry it to. For example: “Zelador, can you pick up the wrench and take it to Ann?”

He’s so very proud of himself and particularly loves giving toys to children, the younger the better.

Both boys are progressing with their painting. Zelador’s had a few more practices than Zeloso and demonstrated yesterday that if we can keep the paper and stencil stationary then he will be able to move the brush over it. I’m also thinking that we could use poster board instead of drawing paper. It is stiffer.

Zeloso is at the stage where he holds the brush and occasionally dabs at the paper.

Zelador wants to take the hula hoop trick to another level. Just haven’t quite figured out what that level is! He is very happy to step “in the middle”. Then he wants to pick up the hoop and lift it. Is he thinking he can flip it over his head?

We’re also brainstorming on teaching the letters of the alphabet and numbers. The ones I bought are the shape of the object. Kye bit off the last inch of the “3”. We know the horses enjoy picking up the thin, round cushions so I’ll go searching for fabric paints/markers to draw the letters/numbers on them. Zelador DID remove the edging of a cushion many months ago. This type of creativity begins when the horse’s foot is on the cushion when he decides to pick it up with his teeth…