This spring I turned on the air-conditioning in the van and although the blower was working, the cool air was not. This is the third van that we’ve owned and we’ve never had any problem with the air-conditioning. The days got warmer and I took the van to our favourite auto place. Just under $600 later the problem was found and solved. MICE had nested near the wiring of the air-conditioning and chewed their way through it. Obviously our electronic noise maker plugged into the garage outlet and designed to rid the place of rodents is no longer working. My auto mechanic said he sees at least ten mouse problems every year. The most expensive one to date involved a Lexus which had two nests inside the car (not in the engine, but IN the vehicle). The owners and mechanics could not get rid of the awful urine smell. Apparently mice piddle in their nest. The owners wrote off the Lexus which cost over $60,000. (Somehow this makes my $600 more palatable.)