Hi, Here’s an email I received from my friend and high level dressage judge, Lynda Southam. She’s looking at holding a clinic at Winsong Farm in the end of October. She describes the format below.


I emailed back asking if it were logical for one horse to do two tests and, “How about a Kur” and, of course, the test book does include the Pas de Deux.


I also mentioned that we can film each ride and if she wants to she can use the film to help analzye the test with the rider.


Let me know if you’re interested or know of other people who would like to attend. I’ll let you know the specific date when Lynda tells me.



Here’s the email from Lynda:  

Win.. we could run it as a mini show/training session. We could run the actual tests in the morning, like a show format…it can be their “test of choice”.. but I have to know well in advance what they are riding…they get their tests back..we have a Long lunch break and discuss the tests individually….how they can improve their scores.(along the same lines that we did for Sophie)..and if they want to..they can re ride the same test in the afternoon. They should have some knowledge of how to ride a test.The tests should correctly come from the E.C. offices. We would need 2 copies of each test ..for 2nd re rides.These tests are NOT permitted to be photocopied… they are copyrighted from U.S.E.F. As A judge I am not permitted to use incorrect tests. It would be crucial to have a SUPER scribe to keep up with ALL the remarks..as these willl be PRACTICE tests and the riders will need lots of pointers. I think 8 tests in the morning…. (The actual rides do NOT take that long)..and over a 2hr. break…each rider gets the judge’s individual attention for approximately 15 minutes to dissect their test. (This gives the horses a chance to rest) and then it is back into the arena for re rides..if they want! My fee  for this type of clinic is $700.00 for the day..with gas costs only to and from your place. I hope I am able to stay with you..and keep costs down. That fee will also include individual copies of my lecture on how to ride a Dressage test..with a Second Level Test 1, dissected, and some ideas on show preparation, for each participant.(approx. 10 typed pages) Lynda