fundraiser-photosSunday the humidex hovered just below 40 for our fundraiser for Equine Guelph. The arena was shaded and there was a breeze, plus tons of ice cream and delicious cookies made by Mrs. Patmore (a.k.a. Charliene)!We limited the horse activity to WALK under saddle, but at liberty a few of them offered the trot and canter.

Fun parts for me: Ron had the job of keeping Zelador from peeking while I hid Mickey Mouse. I wasn’t watching them closely, but did notice that Ron took his job seriously and wherever Zelador moved his head Ron was blocking the horse’s view. Needless to say, Zelador went directly to the hidden stuffed toy and returned it to me. Zelador also performed a new game. He stands on his pedestal and I toss Mickey Mouse to him. I really don’t know how he does this…he catches the toy by the tail. Really…the tail?

fundraiser-photos2The miniature horses (Red Robin and Whisper owned by Katherine, then Noel owned by the McQuaker family) were way beyond “cute.” A bonus just after we finished the acts was people stayed to watch Noel hop into the back of our mini-van to go back home.

Spring Song earned an Equine Guelph certificate which included cleaning up the environment, equine health, equine physiology, equine behaviour. The “funny” thing is: this particular fundraiser was initially scheduled for April. The winter weather was over-powering and we moved the date to May 1. Well, wouldn’t you know, on May 1 the temperature was three and it was very challenging to keep warm. We chose another date, yesterday, and 50 people registered to come. 29 made it.

The joy of leftovers the day after a fundraiser which included an Ice Cream Social with tons of homemade cookies!

fundraiser-photos4While I was getting Blue’s medicine in the tack room tonight I found a stash of cookies in the Stud Muffin container. There were many (perhaps a dozen) delicious ginger cookies. I dragged myself away after consuming all but three of them. Turned out the light in the tack room, closed the door, walked a few steps, turned around, opened the door, didn’t need to turn on the light, opened the Stud Muffin container and finished off the remaining ginger cookies. I’m stuffed and very content!

I received the following email from a fellow horse owner who attended the Sunday fundraiser for Equine Guelph:

The show including both human and equine performers was magnificent considering the heat! There were so many highlights . . . Tail, catch, hoola hoop toss, ribbon riding, Equine pole dancing, mini skipping rope, minis in kiddie pool, equine graduate, not to forget the human and Equine costumes!!

It was an equi-entertaining afternoon.

Thank you for all your hard work in organizing such an event and the hours & years of training required to create such willing and gracefully calm horses.