We’re having a Booklet Launch Sunday October 16 from 2:00-3:00 at Winsong Farm near Nobleton, Ontario. The Winsong Farm horses will perform at liberty. They’re looking forward to thanking Lauren Bode for representing animals.


Pre-registration required. To register contact Winnie Stott: 905-859-6282 or email winsong.farm@routcom.com Seating is limited to 100 pre-registered people.

Winsong Farm is at 5240 15th Sideroad, King City, Ontario, L7B 1K4. It is on the northeast corner of the 8th Concession and the 15th Sideroad. The 8th Concession is two kilometres east of Highway 27. The 15th Sideroad is two concessions north of King Road.

The booklet is twenty pages jam-packed with stories from animal communicator, Lauren Bode.

Here are the front and back covers.