Just for fun I placed Zelador on his pedestal and looked for some of the name cards. I found a large “Zelador” card (8” x 10”), a “Winnie” card and a small “Zelador” card (3” x 8”).

I put them on the arena floor between the two pedestals. As I did this I showed each card to Zelador and read what was on it.

I said, “Find the ‘Zelador’ card!” He stepped off the pedestal and touched the big one, then turned, passed the “Winnie” card and touched the smaller “Zelador” card.

I was amazed.

I placed him on the pedestal while I found the “Bill” card. I then asked him to find the “Winnie” card. He went to it, picked it up and got up on the pedestal.

That’s when I decided it’s time to start figuring out how to teach him the alphabet.

Last week Zelador did another “name game” one evening when several people came to see what he’s been learning. Ron, Bill, and three others were in the arena with us. Ron set up the horse mail box. I asked Zelador to check the mail. He opened the box, fished inside for the big envelope, then came back to stand on his pedestal with the envelope in his mouth. I asked Ron to stand on the tall pedestal which was between us and the people standing along the wall.

I looked at the name cards inside, but I couldn’t find “Ron” or “Bill”. I took out the “Dominique” and “Donny” cards. I told Zelador what each card had written on it, placed them behind my back, brought out both cards and said, “Take the ‘Dominique’ card and give it to Ron.” He swung his head, took the card and trotted towards the tall pedestal. At that point I turned and watched him. Much to my surprise there wasn’t anyone standing on the pedestal. Zelador was making a bee-line for the wall. That’s when I saw Ron, in amongst the people. In a split second Zelador was right in front of Ron, offering the “Dominique” name card.

Yep…the alphabet. Can’t ignore it any longer.

On another note: the Working Equitation Clinic is August 17 and 18. I just checked the long range weather forecast and it’s sunny for day after day. Wow! What a treat sunshine will be. Perhaps I won’t be mowing the farm…non-stop.