Here are two little stories I wanted to share:

1. I drove to an evening presentation on fire safety at farms. I arrived a bit early, got out of my van and saw a cream coloured horse looking directly at me. He was about 20 feet away in his paddock. I got the distinct impression that he was positive that I could understand what he was saying. I couldn’t. However, I told him he was beautiful and explained that I was here for the safety talk. I went to the barn and saw a friend who used to have a horse at our farm quite a few years ago. I’ve talked with her several times in the intervening years and knew that she had a horse I hadn’t met. I asked her if she boarded at this farm or was visiting for the talk. She said she had a horse here. I asked if I could see it. Turns out the horse was the cream coloured one. As we were walking to it I laughed, “I was positive he was trying to tell me something. Now I understand why. You’re an animal communicator and he’s used to being around people who understand him.” We stood at his fence for a few minutes. I noticed the electric fencing on the inside of the top rail and said, “Is the electricity on?” (Thinking, “Probably not” because the horse was so close to it.) The owner said, “No.” The horse picked up a front leg and tapped his hoof on a lower part of the fence. I hadn’t noticed that it was one of the wider versions of electric fencing which looks like a fence board. He was showing me that there was another electric “board” and it wasn’t on, either. I laughed and congratulated him on his excellent vocabulary.

2. Spring Song and I were playing in the arena. One of the games was recognizing numbers one, two and three. Each one is on a cylinder that is easy for the horse to pick up. The number one cylinder is red, number two is blue and number three is green. I spaced them out on the arena floor. I asked her to find the red cylinder that had number one on it. She walked to it and picked it up. I then asked her to find number two which is blue. She did. Then, before I could mention number three she walked to the blue pedestal, looked at it, then looked at me. I laughed, “Spring Song, you’re absolutely correct! That pedestal is blue, just like the number two.”