ice creamHere’s information about the May 24, 1:00 to 3:00 Ice Cream Social at Winsong Farm, highlighting breast cancer awareness and our own Dominique Maida who is an inspiration to all of us.

Dominique and Donny Maida had their first child, daughter Victoria, in September 2014. In December Dominique was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. She had chemo during the winter and surgery will happen in June followed by radiation treatments.

Right now she’s between trips for treatment. So we’re celebrating!!!! The ice cream social is in our arena, so no matter what the weather, it’s a “GO”.

There’s no charge, but come ready to buy and support unique auction items. One headliner is: Decrepit Men Doing Dressage. Several of our infamous men at Winsong Farm have regaled us with an astounding Grand Prix dressage show to Vivaldi’s “Spring”. Riding pitch forks they’ve done nearly impossible classical dressage movements. However, these guys won’t be cheap! One of these “riders” says, “You fork over 10,000 and we’ll talk about performing.” (My question is: 10,000 what? Pecos? Kisses? Smiles?)

Throughout the ice cream social we’ll present the Winsong horses. You just might see: three horses sitting on bean bags, Winnie and Dominique on Zelador and Zeloso in PINK with the garrocha poles (twelve feet long) riding to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, a very special pas de deux with baby Victoria and Pax (Ron Marino’s big, black Canadian), horses bowling against humans, a bubble blowing contest, bobbing for apples (both horses and people), horses painting masterpieces. AND, there will be a Kissing Booth with Maria the pony! Pretty much you name it and we’ll try it!

Like I said, there’s no charge for admission. BUT I need to know how many people are coming so that we’ll have enough ice cream. Pre-registration hoped for. Email: or phone 905-859-6282 (near Nobleton, Ontario). If you find out that you can come at the last minute, COME. However, if possible, COME with a container of ice cream or some popsicles!!!!

Looking forward to celebrating with you.