It’s amazing what a week of non-stop rain can do to your schedule. There are so many outdoor jobs that are on hold, giving me time to run around and get things organized for the fundraiser.

Yesterday I tracked down a new carpet for Kye to unroll. The one we’ve been using is a solid colour and quickly blends in with the arena footing. The one I found is much lighter in colour and has a distinctive border. Today I meet the store’s owner, receive a donation for the May first event and bring the carpet home. Kye has till Sunday to get acquainted with it.

I’ll also be picking up another bubble creating wand, or two. Ann bought our first wand. Its handle is about an inch in diameter. The bubble maker fits into a long tube where the bubble liquid is. The one I bought yesterday has a wider handle, longer wand and makes incredibly big streams of bubbles. When I showed it to Ron yesterday he suggested we carry the bubble maker (he’s thinking it won’t be difficult to attach something to our waist or the saddle to hold it) and create incredible bubbles from horseback. Bill pointed out that riding by the audience and steaming bubbles over them would be fun (at least for the riders). So, I figure we’ll need several of these wands.

I’ll replace the bubble fluid in the tube with “no-tears” liquid. We don’t need bubbles bursting near equine or human eyes and stinging them.

I’m hoping that I can also teach some of the horses to pick up the handle of the wand and shake it or trot off, creating tons of bubbles. Once again, the “no-tears” liquid is mandatory. Yesterday I started showing this to Zelador. I used the clicker and clicked/treated every time he looked at the wand. Within a minute or two he was mouthing it, then holding it, then crunching down on it. Hmmm…need to put duct tape on the handle. (Yet another reason to buy several of these larger wands!)

Off to the barn. Can’t wait to see what the horses do!