Much to my surprise the forecasted low of -19 was totally incorrect! It’s -28.7. This afternoon around 1:00 it will warm up to -15 for a few hours with the wind chill -30 or warmer. That’s when I’ll turn the horses out. The Vizslas are not amused.

Alex Reinfels was here for a lesson Friday at 4:00.

At one point my eyes were watering, my nose was running and the tips of my toes were cold. Surprising because it was a balmy -3 in the arena. I dismounted and showed Alex the latest games I’m playing with Zelador. One game is: I stand at his rump, place a hand on the croup and we walk together. Another game is: I use chalk to write a name on the kickboards and ask Zelador to touch the name. I wrote “Alex”. Zelador was successful at touching it then I asked him to “find Alex” who was about 10 metres away. No problem. He walked to Alex. We repeated this sequence a few times. I asked Alex to move further away and to another spot in the arena while I asked Zelador to touch the letters “Alex” on the kickboard. He did. I then said, “Find Alex.” Zelador instantly noticed that Alex was not in the same, boring, spot and he trotted to Alex.

Most certainly every horse can play this game!

Great fun!