easterBack in the 1980s the Forest Adventurers of York orienteering club hosted its first Easter Walk. The weather conditions determined how many people attended! On a lovely day like we had yesterday for our walk on Winsong Farm over 300 would come. On a medium-weather day about 70 and on a horrific day a dozen or so would show up.

The orienteering club always prepared for the maximum attendance baking cookies and muffins for hundreds! On the nasty weather days each participant left with dozens of goodies.

Yesterday’s walk was a quiet one with a visiting vizsla helping herself to the Bunny’s Tea Party. This female vizsla scoffed down the miniature carrots and was swooped away from the site before she figured out how to open the container housing the Hot Cross Buns.

Later in the evening I fished one of the bean bags out of Trooper’s mouth. I had placed the basket, bean bags and “Toss the Tail” sign on the dining room table. Obviously this was not a safe spot! I don’t know what was in those bean bags, but Trooper loved the innards.

Bill took the photos and Ron helped with the decorations. Due to the recent ice storm and power outage the attendance was a bit down, but we will persevere with our next event “The Halloween Walk”.

See you this October!