Here’s a video taken today of  Dora pulling a cart and Pax pulling a Country Gig:

Here’s Pax with the Country Gig:

Funny thing about the Gig. Here’s the information we got at Wikapedia. We saw this AFTER purchasing the Country Gig. The meaning of the term ‘gig’ is transferred from the deprecatory term for a ‘flighty girl’ and subsequently indicates anything which whirls, or is dangerous or unpredictable.[9] Contemporary literature frequently recounted romantic tales of spills and hairbreadth scrapes from these vehicles, but is equally fulsome on the fearful thrill experienced in driving them.[10]

After reading that we (Ron, Bill and Winnie) were very interested in seeing IF we could attach this fearsome thing to Pax AND safely drive it. Well, he never skipped a beat and each of us drove him. It was great fun being up above the horse in the Country Gig as opposed to being low in a cart.