On May 6th, we had our spring fundraiser. We raised over $1,850 for victims of last year’s hurricane Irma.

For the first time EVER we presented horses pulling carts. Pax pulled a Country Gig and Dora pulled a pony cart with rear entry.

We had a live band with a drummer, two guitarists, a base player and a singer. The music was GREAT.

We also debuted a song written by Marie-Lynn Hammond about Angel and her owner Wendy. I’ll post it soon.

One of the acts featured the song, Got an Angel On My Shoulder. Angel was in-hand with Wendy and I worked with Dora in-hand. The two horses had leg warmers and head bands on. The song is so sweet and the “girls” were lovely.

Katherine brought her two miniatures, Robin and Whisper. A third miniature, Noel, played in the Winsong Farm Band. She was on the three-note piano. Pax played the maracas. Spring Song blew her own horn which was REALLY loud and Dora rang the sleigh bells.

Here you’ll see Pax and Ron with the Country Gig and Bill and Dora.