Several of our favourite characters from Downton Abbey attended our May 1st ice cream social (with a high of 5 degrees…). Mrs. Patmore created over 400 cookies. Mr. Mason, Anna and Daisy helped with serving. Lord Grantham was our MC and Tom Branson presented the Canadian, Pax. Tom’s fallen in love with this breed.

June 26th from 1:00 till 3:00 we’re hosting our Downton Abbey visits Winsong Farm for an ice cream social. Contact me for reservations.

I had flowers on every table (we had five tables), but during liberty practice in the morning I learned that horses have a keen interest in things that are “green.” Spring Song almost ate an English daisy. Zeloso went around the barrier dividing the arena from the tables and chairs. He trotted to the biggest table that had the largest flowers. I was twenty metres away, aghast! I called out, “Zeloso!!!! No you don’t. Turn around and get out of there.” And the sweetie did.

Much to the surprise of Lord Grantham our butler is a horse (Zelador) and the footman, who rolled out the carpet, is 26-year-old Kye.