During the winter I get a little “cabin-fever” (even though I’m outdoors for seven hours!). I’ve noticed this pattern the past few years: sometime in the mentally challenging month of February I sit down in front of the computer and check out anything horse-related on the internet.

This year I happened on a terrific find. It’s www.justhorsevideos.com. There are over 1,000 DVDs and books. I ordered three of Guy McLean’s (the amazing Australian) DVDs. Justhorsevideos is located in the States and I was pleased with the promptness in the shipping. A few weeks after I received the McLean material I got an email offering a 15% discount on DVDs so I took another look at www.justhorsevideos.com and found three that I wanted: Bea Borelle’s first DVD on circus tricks, Cavalia’s DVD and “Fifty Years of Badminton” (or was it Sixty…?).

Meanwhile I invited the person at Justhorsevideos to read my blog. She did and she emailed back that if any of my readers are interested that Justhorsevideos would offer them a discount code WINNIE2011 which will give them 15% off their order. The instructions are: enter the coupon code at check-out at the top of the address page and click APPLY to receive the 15% off.

So, if you find you need a horsey pick-me-up perhaps, you too, will discover something interesting. I’m contemplating doing a search for a DVD on “the body language of large male llamas”.