I received this email from a friend.

“…and this horse next door will not stop neighing and it is a loud, long neigh. He is beautiful, but I could use a break. I hope they bring his friend back soon!”

A few minutes later the following email arrived:

“So to continue with horse neighing…I’m cooking at the kitchen counter…full view as you may remember of back paddocks etc. I see our horses cavorting about and the neighbours three horses galloping up the fence, but not inside their fence. They had escaped and were in the alley between our paddocks. By the time I got outdoors the horses were rearing at each other over the fences and making wild noises. The dogs were thinking that this was good fun and were barking like mad. One of the Chilean riders was trying to round up with no halter or lead lines. He has no English.

My husband was grocery shopping.

I got our two horses into the barnyard and the gate closed. Dogs settled a bit. The other three horses were as crazy as ever, one was trying to charge along our north fence line. Then, miraculously, they all turned on a dime and galloped full speed towards the road, jumped the ditch and headed home.

My husband arrived, drove next door and assisted in the round up. All is good.

Back to stirring stuff in a pot. So boring.”