Just had tons of fun with Pax, Kye, Zelador and Zeloso. Pax and Zeloso got to try picking up the toys (cleaning up after playing!). First Pax did it. When we brought Zeloso into the arena the toys were still scattered on the floor and the big plastic garbage bucket was with them. Zeloso “read” the situation, picked up a toy and put it in the bucket!

The floor piano has a “demo” mode. If you touch a black key a song will play. Each black key has a specific tune. One is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. It’s relatively short (about a minute). Some songs (the more classical ones) play for over 90 seconds. We dreamed up the game: horse goes alone to the piano, horse picks a black note, tune starts, horse and handler play with any thing and go anywhere they want with the ONE condition…get on a pedestal as the song finishes. We’re figuring that the audience can judge the spontaneous performance (and I can guarantee the performance WILL BE spontaneous). We won’t have the performances back to back because it would be distracting to have the next horse standing near by. Figured we’d intersperse the piano/horse “thing” in between the acts.

Zeloso REALLY got into it. He always left the piano leaping and bucking!