Today’s letter ‘A’ was lovely. Once again I presented to one horse after another (this allows plenty of time to eat the treat between touching the ‘A’). I did the wooden letter and the boxes. This time I used the blue box and no horse preferred it. Perhaps Zelador is content to NOT tease/torment me, at least for a day or two.

Tomorrow I’ll up the ante and use the round pen attached to the lower barn or take each horse one by one to the arena. It’s time to move to a larger area. Although four of the stalls in our lower barn are two stalls made into one, I need a bit more room for the horse to retrieve objects. I’ll ask the horse to find ‘A’ and bring it to me. If I get really energetic I’ll try to figure out a two-letter word for the horses to spell.

I’ll also be reviewing selecting the word I’m asking for. I’ll write the word on cardboard and tape it to a cylinder.