This past summer during the Pan Am Games the movie “The Power of 2, On the Road to Gold” was featured at one of the cultural events. I was unable to attend the showing and tried to find other times that the movie would be presented. I was unsuccessful! The movie is about the 2011 Canadian Pan Am dressage team, starting with qualifying for the trials through to the podium in Mexico.

Several people I know saw the movie at the Pan Am cultural event and each one said it was worth seeing again.

Every once in a while I check the website to find out if I can see the movie. Finally, tonight, I saw on the website that I could pay (under eight dollars) to have the movie available for 24 hours. I watched it on the computer and enjoyed it. Bill watched it a bit later and also enjoyed it.

The movie runs one hour and fifteen minutes. I hope you have an opportunity to view it.

If you can’t get it through the link above, perhaps you can search for the title and find it.