Our chiropractor, Dr. Leo Rosenberg, was here yesterday and he gave me a present. It’s the “Posture Prep cross fiber groomer”. The website is: www. PosturePrep.net which I’ll look up when I’ve finished writing this.

There’s a ten page booklet that comes with the groomer. I’ve read it and it makes sense. As the winds howl outside the barn I’ll be in a stall with my new Posture Prep groomer working on a horse!

Earlier this week the horses had a painting session. I held the canvas horizontally. Turned out that Zeloso was my best brush stroker, but he repeatedly lost the brush, then had difficulties picking it up off the canvas. This brush holding problem has been with us since day one of our painting adventures. Time to find a solution!

Yesterday I met with Brian at Fincham’s (a harness/saddle store four kilometres from here) and he is creating a horse-friendly “handle” for a wide paint brush. We’ve cut off the wooden handle and left about an inch above the brush hairs. Brian will add leather that extends beyond the width of the brush and above it. The prototype is the Frisbee with a leather tab for the horses to hold onto that Allen Pogue created. The new handle on the brush should make it a lot easier for the horses to hold the brush.

Brian is also making a housing for a five inch long harmonica. The housing will allow me to hold this small musical instrument safely and make the instrument larger than the width of the horse’s mouth. This “largeness” will reduce my anxiety over the horse getting the harmonica in its mouth!

I might have to enlist the help of Animal Communicator, Lauren Bode, to help the horse understand to snort/blow close to the harmonica to create music. Up till now when I present something to the horse’s mouth I want the horse to hold it in its mouth. Perhaps the first thing I’ll need to do is put the snort/blow on cue.

I’ve already introduced the harmonica to each horse. Spring Song was the only one who moved away from the sound, then came to inspect it. All the other horses are used to the toys I bring to them. They’ve also heard Allen Kalpin play the harmonica (simultaneously with the guitar) during our fundraisers.

Yep, when Brian calls me to pick up the creations the games will begin!

Nothing like winter in Ontario to spark the creative juices!