I just watched the DVD, “Buck”. It’s about Buck Brannaman, who was the inspiration for Nicolas Evans’ main character in The Horse Whisperer. Buck also worked with Robert Redford in the movie. He provided technical expertise, served as a double for Redford and trained his horse to perform in a scene the professional trick horses were having difficulty with.

The documentary, “Buck”, is being shown in theatres. Monday February 6th it’ll be at the Galazy in Orangeville, Ontario.

I’ve watched the dvd twice. The first time I was absorbing as much as I could. The second time I could focus on specific scenes and techniques Buck used with the horses and their owners.

If you search the internet you’ll find many reviews of the documentary and some informative YouTube interviews with Buck. I’m not going to tell you the plot, or details of Buck’s childhood, or how he helps horses with people problems. I will tell you that there’s a scene with a three-year-old stud colt that you will never forget. It changed the way I look at my horses and it changed the way they look at me.

If you can’t find a theatre with “Buck” near you then you can order the DVD from several sources, including Amazon and Buck’s website. I like the documentary so much I’ve ordered a second copy to give to my vet.