Our riding instructor, Alex, was gone for a week (missed one lesson here). He returned for the lessons on Thursday and Zelador was beside himself. I was leading him from the lower barn to the arena and Alex was just entering the little gate near the driveshed. Zelador turned his head towards Alex (who was at least 40 metres away) and greeted him.

I had some work to do to get Zelador walking to the arena again. He kept stopping to make sure Alex was coming. Alex stopped off at the lower barn to say hi to Bill and the blacksmith. This caused Zelador to HALT and check out where the most important person in the world was. I got Zelador going towards the arena again. In the arena I got on him and within a minute or two my highly distracted horse was allowed to stand at the half door and look down the driveway in search of his obviously beloved Alex.

When Alex FINALLY entered the arena Zelador made a huge fuss over him, nuzzling, staying with him. I did point out that this is exactly the type of situation where Zelador lets you know how much you mean to him by giving you a playful nip. Alex was on his guard and deflected the foal-like behaviour.

With Zelador attachments run deep.