Lindsey Hunt will be holding an Animal Communication Clinic here at Winsong Farm (located near Nobleton, Ontario) Sunday August 24 from 10:30 to 3:00.

I’ve been intrigued about animal communication for quite a few years. When I was writing my book, “The ABC’s of Rural Life”, I interviewed people in the neighborhood. Liz had an interesting story about finding her cat. After quite a search she turned to the internet and found an Animal Communicator in the Eastern United States. Sure enough, the consultation with the communicator resulted in finding the cat. Bev told me of another lost animal. In this instance it was a horse that had been kidnapped. The communicator (located in Ontario) was able to talk with the horse and asked the animal to describe what he could see from his stall and what he remembered when he arrived. The big clue was his glimpse of an orange barn. Within twenty-four hours the horse was back home, safe and sound.

My Thoroughbred, Sherlock, was born in 1980. I told Lindsey I’d love to hear what he has to say! For more information please contact Lindsey Hunt (email: and13alusian@yahoo.ca).