Here’s an email exchange between myself and Evelyne Bernhardt, who is the owner of Heartfelt Healing, regarding horses bucking. She has over 30 years experience working with animals using dietary, herbal, and hands-on techniques to improve health. She has a four-year diploma in natural healing and has developed her own natural formulas for horses, dogs, and cats. She is the go-to natural practitioner for several well-known farms in Ontario.

February 11, 2017:
Hi Evelyn, Today, out of the blue, Zelador bucked within two strides after starting a right lead canter. He got his little self yelled at. We started again and he bucked once, was told “NO”, and he continued on with a very pleasant right lead canter. We had done walk and trot exercises and cantered beautifully on the left lead prior to the right lead bucking. After all of the right lead stuff I went back to the canter on the left lead and he was really wound up and had trouble listening to me. Bill was in the arena riding Zeloso at the same time. We’ve never had problems before with the brothers together, but perhaps something was a bit different as far as Zelador was concerned.

I’m wondering if Zelador is sore somewhere?

I ride him about 30 minutes every day. Perhaps he needs more exercise in this unusual weather. He certainly isn’t moving and leaping about in the paddock which has some ice.

Wednesday the saddler will be here to check all of the saddles on the horses so that part of the equation will be looked after.

As you can imagine, after all these years of carefully, slowly progressing on Zelador I don’t need him bucking.


Hi Winnie;

That must have been unsettling!

When I tune in, I get the sense to check the scar tissue which can form up the midline of the stomach as a result of the gelding process. This is a situation which can start anywhere after 9yrs of age, at which time the scar tissue growth can affect their movement. During my course the facilitator aid it show up when doing lead changes or going from trot to canter.

I will work on him tomorrow for more details.

With Heartfelt Love & Light,

Evelyne Bernhardt
Heartfelt Healing

After reading Evelyne’s response I went on-line and found information about gelding scar tissue. Who would have thought!!!!? I located information on how to help break up the scar tissue and a video demonstrating that process.