Today McGuire Fencing came to put in a fence dividing off a portion of our middle paddock. The new section will have permanent Working Equitation articles in it. Yippee!

The fencers also replaced the sagging, old west side of the paddock east of the lower barn. Wow! It looks great.

Both of these paddocks usually have my horses in them. The fencing team did not need any additional help from inquisitive Lusitanos, Kye and Spring Song. I spent my day entertaining the horses. Since their grass paddocks were under construction/renovation I shuffled them from the stalls, to two small dirt paddocks and back again.

There are three more fences on the agenda. I’ll be earning the money to pay for all of this through hours and weeks and months of gardening at seven farms. My $15 an hour doesn’t quite pay for two feet of fencing.

The group of six (all the horses in the lower barn) weathered the constant rotating of paddocks today and came into the barn this evening ready and brilliant at touching the wooden ‘A’ and selecting the correct box out of two choices. Even Zelador didn’t yank my chain!