winnie_hula_hoops.jpgOver 90 people attended the fundraiser May first for Ann and Pete’s Foster Home and Rescue Dogs. We raised over $1000 (the final count could be over $1100).

We started these events when Zelador and Zeloso were three years old. Now they’re seven! One of our friends has been coming to each and every event. Here are her comments: “As usual, I love coming to your events and especially bringing someone who is ripe for being enlightened about horses and the way to achieve their respect and trust. Tricia absolutely loved the show and is successfully trying some of the handling methods she observed. You and your gang have proved again that horses can do everything, the possibilities are endless! I expect you lie awake at night dreaming up new tricks, figuring out the sequencing, planning every perfect detail. Your boys are phenomenal! Once you’ve accomplished the early training, it seems that the new tricks just zoom along! There has been so much progress since last fall, it’s truly remarkable. I find it personally heart-warming to see horses and their humans connecting in such a brilliant and fun manner. Every horse is excelling in its own way – obviously enjoying “showing off” its skills with a calm, confident attitude. All of these animals are so lucky to have owners who understand and appreciate the magnificence of the horse. We are always inspired by your dedication and generosity of spirit. Thank you! From Sue”

Another comment:

“Fun to bump into you in the grocery store and have a visit. We parted abruptly and I am not sure that my opening point about the vast improvement in the horses and your now obvious connection with them was very evident!  Heart-warming in fact. As I tried to give constructive ideas for improvement for a general non-horsey audience, I did not re-emphasize this wonderful observation. I am now correcting this oversight! The bond is great to see. Well done to raise funds for the local shelter. Congratulations again!!!

Cheers, Marcia”

And, finally, Allen (our incredibly talented guitarist) said: “It actually worked!!  I am sure that I speak only for myself when I say that sometimes I have just a few teeny-weeny trepidations when Winnie announces her ideas for the next show – an equine orchestra??????????  Zelador getting a letter??????????  But…….as usual, somehow it worked out and became another real audience-pleaser. So, thanks, once again to Winnie and Bill for giving us the opportunity to participate in this equine festival. And….Brenda – you really ARE a very good MC.  Your spirited, informative, and warm commentary held the whole show together and allowed many people who have little or no experience with horses to catch a glimpse of the wonderful world of horse-human relatedness.”