Here’s an email I received a few hours after our October 30th Fundraiser. Sue has been coming to our events since Zelador and Zeloso were three years old.

Hey Winsong Dreamers

What a wonderful show, you guys! It just gets better as your horses further their education & it’s so much fun that surely the Canadian talent seekers will be hunting you down. I have to do my homework, too, it’s time to research Jim Key. What an inspiring story!
The Halloween timing was perfect to show off your magic in themes, costumes (hmm….scary evil man on black horse, beautiful pumpkin princess on finicky chesnut, super hero Batman, or was it Batwoman…more hmm?!), music customized to tell the stories, humans & horses making music together – wow what a treat! Not sure if those “riding masters” were incognito but sure loved this performance using the fork whips!

Z & Z seem to be growing into each other, if that makes sense. Fraternal twins (I know, different moms), so similar but yet so different. Handsome, talented, willing but spunky boys! You are going to have to do a huge amount of dreaming to come up with more games for them and every other horse in the barn  learning endless tricks.

The beautiful thoroughbred & oh-so-cute yearling are both success stories that show what can be done if we only give horses a chance to let their true giving & forgiving nature shine through. It’s great to start a youngster but you proved it’s not too late to start whenever. Just look at twenty-one year old Kye!

You had a great turn out today, I hope all your dedication paid off to help the Society look after horses that truly deserve it & the volunteers who make it possible.

Thanks to all of you!