– I was standing outside Zelador’s stall the other morning. He was munching on his hay and I was trying to blow my nose. I could feel that there was a bunch of gunk trapped in there. I tried and tried, but couldn’t get it out. Then, Zelador raised his head, looked at me and blew HIS nose. You could almost hear him saying, “Try this, it just might work.”

– On May 5-7, Nicole Weinauge gave a clinic here. She’s just finished two three-day clinics at Petlyn which is west of here. And, Bobbe (our vizsla) is due to deliver her puppies! It takes nine weeks to create the little ones and May 5th is nine weeks after her first breeding with Ozzie (who is from Australia). Bobbe has had two litters and she quite enjoys giving birth sometime after midnight…I’ll be the mid-wife and one tired rider when my turn comes in the clinic.

– I went to the barn-on-the-hill a week or so ago. I was later than usual. I walked in at 6:28 to find Lulu (a bay mare) in the aisle. I had two toys in my hands. I dropped them. She stepped forward and picked one up, then brought it to me. Meanwhile I was checking to see if any other creatures were roaming free! Nope, she was the only one. AND, she’d had a whale of a time. All the halters and leadlines were removed from the stall hooks. The feed buckets were not neatly stacked, they were scattered over the floor. The wheelbarrow with a bale of hay had been played with. Hunks of hay were in the wash stall and the aisle. However, there were no poops. So I figure she hadn’t been out very long.

I tossed the toy for Lulu to retrieve while I walked to her stall and fetched her halter and leadline. I returned to her and she happily let me put the halter on and lead her to her stall. She was thirsty!

– The youngster we’ve been taking care of went to his farm at the beginning of April. (Sniff, we all miss him!) Well, a few weeks later he had surgery in Guelph. Currently he’s recovering and in isolation. Turns out everyone there loves him. He’s so easy to work with and handle. This is such nice news. We spent almost a year teaching him tricks/games/liberty and it’s great to learn that other people are reaping the benefits of this training.

– Zelador and Zeloso will head to Toronto June 19th to do a demonstration for the RCMP riders. The site is an indoor arena and the boys do their thing from noon till 12:30. This should be great fun!!!!