I used the wooden letter today and everyone instantly touched it. I’m thinking that instead of drawing a letter on the cylinder I’ll attach a wooden letter (prototype) to one cylinder and see if the horses are safe when picking up ‘A’. If the wooden letter is too vulnerable I’ll try cardboard attached to the cylinder with the appropriate letter drawn on it. In both cases I’ll use that wide clear plastic shipping tape to get the letter on the cylinder.

I was thinking about the two scenarios that Jim Key performed. One was the office boy the other was the school boy. Wondering what might be interesting.

One thought is: Zelador fetches the mail. There are invitations to High Tea at Winsong Farm and he delivers the individual invitations to some people (he LOVES doing this). For the High Tea he can sit on a bean bag and others can sit on chairs.

That’s as far as my brain has gotten. I’ll google High Tea and see if there’s anything else that typically goes on. I could have Zelador paint an invitation and practice some games to do with his friends. Maybe the group at the tea party can do a dance with him.

We do have some lights that we can put on the horses so that they can perform when it’s dark. I’m guessing we’ll have a very small audience of select friends and family. Should be interesting leading horses from the lower barn to the arena in the dark although we have excellent lighting on the outside of the arena and two good overhead lights on the lower barn.

I’ve decided I need a sign saying, “The Butterfly Project” to hang in the arena. I want people to ask about it and I want to remember how very important it is to approach training as simply as possible…talk about thinking “basic”.