For the last week I’ve been presenting the word ‘EAR’ occasionally to all six horses and almost daily to Zelador, Zeloso and Spring Song. I place the letters left to right just as they would appear in print. I think back on the learning process Zelador experienced with delivering the mail and patiently BELIEVE that kindness, positive reinforcement and quiet repetition will one day result in the horses fetching first the ‘E’, then the ‘A’ and finally the ‘R’.

One of Daniel Nummer’s Principles of Horse Training is to “always do what’s right for the horse”. That might mean that when I’m showing friends ‘EAR’ one of the horses just might only be able to touch ‘A’. I can’t let my ego get in the way. I need to observe the horse and help it succeed. So, I’d like to add to Daniel Nummer’s principle, “Always do what’s right for the horse and the horse will reward you with brilliance.”