We’re gearing up for our October 28th Fundraiser for ASK (Art Society of King). The money raised will go towards the Kidsfest in June.

One approach we’re considering is: Equine arts. In the human world the arts include: singing, writing, acting, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments.

Well, I don’t know that we’ll get any horse to sing on cue.

As for writing one of the ASK people said, “You’ve got that covered. The horse gets the mail out of the mail box and the envelope could contain the horse’s latest novel, fresh from the publisher.” (Yep, I can work with these people!!!! My type of mind!)

Acting is not a problem. The boys love performing skits. Zelador does one where he’s packing his valise for a command performance in Florida. He has these huge swim trunks with seahorses on them. He often packs his golf club, sun hat and sun glasses.

Dancing is a breeze. These boys can boogie.

Painting, no problem. We have two of their works on the arena wall. People seem to always giggle when I put their painting smocks on them. Really, giggle? When you’ve got grey horses the first thing that springs to mind when someone says, “They can learn to paint” is: eee gads! They’ll get it all over themselves. So the first thing I bought was a smock for each horse (and a back up one), then I found horse-friendly (people friendly!!!) paints, paper, brushes…

Playing musical instruments: the boys and friends have an orchestra.

While watching rhythmic gymnastics during the Olympics we realized that Zelador and Zeloso just might have a future in that sport. The three pieces of apparatus are hoops, clubs and ribbons. They already have a fantastic hoop routine. I don’t know if we should attempt something with the clubs, but I think there’s a chance we could figure something out with the ribbons.

Yes, I do love a fundraiser. Gets the creative juices flowing!