Name: Frankie Chesler (no more Ortiz)
Date of Birth: December 20th 1980
Place of Birth: Miami Florida
Height: 5’9″

What type of books do you like reading?
I like suspense and autobiographies. I only listen to books, did to the amount of travel time I have in my life, I find listening to books a great distraction while driving. I do however read magazines and mostly horse magazines.
I’m currently reading a book on polygamy, I don’t agree with the lifestyle but I find it very interesting.

Are there any TV shows you can’t miss?
I wouldn’t say there is one TV show or another that I can’t miss but there are so many shows that I really like. When I can watch one, I really enjoy watching shows such as Desperate Housewives, Castle, Private Practice, Raising Hope, The Modern Family, The Good Wife, Dragon’s Den and The Tudors. I never see all these shows in one week but when I can catch one of them, I usually enjoy the show.

What’s on your iPod?
A lot of Oldies, Classical, Broadway, whatever is popular at the time, Michael Jackson, Country, Disney, and whatever else I happen to like. I also have songs such as Barney for my son Juaquin. It’s sad, but I know almost all of the Barney songs by heart.

Who’s #1 on your speed-dial?
I don’t use speed dial.

What’s your favourite meal?
I love a great salad and almost all pastas.

If you won $50 million in a lottery, what would you do with the money?
I would pay all my parents debts off. I would put a huge chunk in a trust for my son as well as my sister. I would buy a massive ranch out west, train young horses and compete in the pro rodeo tour. That’s my dream.

What’s your on-line addiction? (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and

What is the coolest place you have ever visited?
That’s a tuffy. I’ve been so lucky to have travelled abroad with my horses and without. The Mediterranean was amazing, the shows in Europe with incredible, Paris and Rome are definitely on the top of my list. I couldn’t say one was the coolest, they were all great. I would still love to visit Australia and Africa, maybe one of those places will be the coolest.

Where do you want to see yourself in five years, not only in regard to horses?
I would love to have my riding school business running full tilt and making me some money. Haha. I would also like to have my regular barn still running with a small group of great clients and super horses. I would love to be able to show less and do other things more. My son will be older and I want to be a part of whatever he enjoys. Horse showing and clients can’t be the most important thing in my life, my family needs to come first.

Tell us about your first horse or pony.
My first pony I vaguely remember was a very small black pony that jumped well, moved well and was a pretty good girl for me but was extremely vicious. She was a mare and wasn’t afraid to let anyone know.

Is there someone you consider your mentor?
My father is and always will be my mentor, not only in rising but in life as well. He has taught me so many lessons in riding but more importantly in life. Lessons I couldn’t pay someone to teach me. My mother and father are great people who have fantastic morals. They taught me to always treat people kind, always give the benefit of the doubt, admit when I’m wrong, to have an open mind and to just he the person I am today. No matter what they are always there for me, my son, my sister and whoever else they hold dear to them. They are and always will be the best people I know.

What is your favourite show venue, and why?
My favorite show venue is Spruce Meadows, although its been quite some time since I’ve shown there its still the best place I’ve shown in North America. There’s just something special about walking in that International Ring. The facility is top notch, the people are very professional and most of them are horse people which makes it all that much better.

If you could be granted one wish, what would it be?
Honestly, I’m so lucky, I never find myself wishing for anything.

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by?
I believe you make your own luck, I don’t believe in destiny and I’m not superstitious.

Do you have a cat or dog? Does it go to shows with you?
I have two barn cats which are amazing at killing mice and I believe they think they are dogs. They are brothers and are adorable. I also have a long legged Jack Russel Terrier who has travelled all over the world with me, she’s the best, her name is Pecan, as well as two teacup Maltese who are super cute and very sweet. I’d have to say they are not very intelligent but they make up for it in cuteness. The male is so good with my son, he’s invaluable to me because of that.

What are your biggest pet peeves?
Being polite, always being open minded and being treated the way I would treat you.

If you couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with your life, besides coaching?
I guess that would depend on why I couldn’t ride anymore. I would probably breed horses and cattle. I have always wanted a huge ranch with tons of cows and even more horses, especially paint horses, they are my favorite.

Who is your favorite non-equestrian celebrity?
Well I don’t really have a favorite celebrity but if I had to choose someone it would be Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. I admire how they deal with being famous, how out of the lime light they stay and how long they’ve been together. They must really admire and respect each other, I also like them as actors.

What was the scariest experience of your life?
Finding out my son was going to be premature then finding out he was going to be premature ten weeks. I was so scared for him, I was so scared of the unknown. Thank goodness everything worked out ok and he is very healthy today. The doctors and nurses did an amazing job getting him thru the rough times and I am thankful for them every day. Medicine is incredible, how things have progresses over time is fantastic, we live in an amazing world.