Discipline: Show Jumping
Date of Birth: September 13, 1980
Place of Birth: Oakville, ON
Height: 5’5
Home: Hornby, ON
Marital Status: single
Coach: Dave Ballard (Dad)

Do you read a lot of books? What kinds?
Erynn reads a lot of animal books, mostly horse related ones. She is now reading one called "Horse Haven".

Do you watch a lot of television? Do you have any shows you can’t go without?
"I have no time anymore." She tries to watch movies time permitting.

What is the coolest place you have ever visited? Why? When?
Monterrey, Mexico in April 2000 because it was such an incredible facility and she loved watching all the international riders compete

Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years, not only in regards to horses?
If everything continues as is, she would like to compete at both national and international competitions. She also enjoys the hunter circuit and bringing up the youngsters as she is doing now.

Tell us about your first pony.
"Rusty" was bought for Erynn by her mom at the Milton Mall outside of a Zellers store where he gave pony rides to kids. When Erynn first got him he
did not know how to canter but she taught him on her driveway. Originally Rusty was 11hh but she believes that he has since shrunk.

Who is someone you have never met, in or out or the horse industry that you would love to meet? Why?
Rodrigo Pessoa – she’d love to know what it’s like to be him and that famous. Erynn would also love to know the training program he uses for his horses and how he treats them.

What is the funniest experience you have had at a show?
She tries to keep things as happy as possible at shows. Erynn, known to get a little carried away while jumping, once squealed in excitement while on course.

If you could be granted on wish, what would it be that you would wish for?
Lots of money! But, really she’d just like to be as successful as she can and hopefully one day make it to the Olympics.

What is one of your worst habits?
"I am very hard on myself and get in a bad mood if I don’t do well."

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions that you live by?
They change very frequently. If Erynn has a good class, then that shirt or pair of socks becomes good luck for the show! She does have a certain belt she wears ALL the time when showing. It has silver plates on it and you won’t see her in the show ring without it!

Do you have a cat or dog? Does it go to shows with you?
In September 1999, Erynn got a cat named Curtis. While it was a kitten it went to all of the fall circuit shows with her. Now that it is bigger, it stays home during show season.

What are your biggest pet peeves?
People who are hard on horses. She doesn’t like to see riders taking their frustrations out on their horses by smacking them for no reason or pulling on
their faces.

If someone ran into you on the street, what kind of clothes would you be wearing?
She can usually be seen with jeans, t-shirt and clogs. "On a bad day…my PJ’s!"

If you couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with your life, besides coaching?
Erynn would like to go back to school and become a teacher.

Who is your favorite celebrity?
"Rodrigo – he is so consistent and amazing."

What has been the scariest experience in your life so far?
"My car accident last year." No one else was involved in the accident but her car went into the ditch. It was the "loss of control" that scared her the most, the feeling that you couldn’t "make it do what you wanted it to do."

How did you feel when you won the 1999 North American Young Riders Championships?
"Amazing – I won it on Leacock, my horse that I started." She feels it is the "greatest achievement I’ll ever have…I got myself and him there."