Photo of my Canadian sport horse Nero. My last Canadian ride before Mongolia!

Photo of my Canadian sport horse Nero. My last Canadian ride before Mongolia!

Almost 11 months of preparation has brought me here – as you read this I’ll be in the air somewhere over Europe enroute to Beijing and then, after a 16-hour layover, on to Ulaanbaatar.

It’s been another hectic week as I got back to Canada and immediately went about doing the boring Mongol Derby housekeeping stuff – paying my final entry fee installment, squaring away insurance and shopping for the final odds and ends I need (nothing says adventure like battling Toronto crowds as you shop for duct tape and Imodium).

To maintain all the fitness I built up in Moab I went for runs, worked out at the gym and snuck in two rides when I drove back to Brantford to visit my family. Fittingly, my final ride on Canadian soil was on my Canadian Sport Horse Nero, who’s gotten quite fat over the summer. It’s probably the first time I’ve ever been fitter than he is.

I’ve also spent the last few days trying to put back on a few pounds before I leave for the race. This is definitely my favourite part of training. My diet this week has included:

  • Two ten-piece Chicken McNugget meals at McDonald’s
  • Two steaks
  • A croque monsieur with a side of fries and a big glass of wine
  • Several pieces of chocolate cake, apple pie, and a number of ice cream cones

Each time I eat one of these things, I pause to remember its texture and flavor and really appreciate it. Like a Labrador retriever, I’m very food motivated… and remembering that amazing food awaits me when it’s all over will keep me going out on the steppe.

As I write this, I’m staring at my packed bags, running through my head what I might have forgotten. My GoPro is charged and I plan on making a short video of my adventure upon my return. I’ve already got the first minute completed. You can watch below:

So for now, I bid adieu to my family, friends and readers. Thank you for all of your support in helping me achieve this crazy adventure. Especially in the last few months, I really feel like I’ve been living a dream.

I hope I can do you all proud out in Mongolia. The race begins August 5th. If you would like to follow my progress you can visit or follow on Twitter at @mongolderbylive