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Dressed to Ride

Compression shorts, waterproof socks, good buff and fisherman’s waistcoat are some of the new items that have woven their way into my gear list (yes, horse backriding gear list).

The most recent advisory from the Mongol Derby Adventurists, in particular, …

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Riding in the Rain

“Do you ride in the rain?” I asked one of my new friends from the Fraser Valley Endurance Riding Green Beans. “Of course,” he replied “we live on the West Coast.” With a sense of optimism I replied “Let’s go …

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Speed Control

It wasn’t necessarily my best idea, but it seemed like a good training endeavour (for myself) to let my OTTB (OT) run as fast as he wanted through the single track trail at Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge, B.C. …

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From Broken to Training to What?

On Friday, October 2, 2015, I received a recommendation from my physiotherapist to start training with Reformer Pilates. I was told that Pilates is much different from Yoga. In fact, Pilates is based upon a series of movements intended to …

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The Phone Call

On September 9, 2015, I received a phone call from Katy Willings of The Adventurists asking if I had time for an interview and whether I was still interested in competing in the Mongol Derby 2016. After a moment silence …