‘A’nother Day of the Challenge

I’m using the ‘A’ on the wall made out of chalk and the ‘A’ I printed in Magic Marker on the light green box. Every horse went to the box or the wall when asked. I’m still positioning myself relatively close (within three feet) of the ‘A’ on the wall. The box can be quite […]

2013 Canadian National Eventing Team

Canadian Eventing Committee is pleased to announce the 2013 Canadian National Eventing Team. SHORT LIST The 2013 Short List is comprised of horse/rider combinations which, have proven through their results at CCI/CCIO/CH 3 star and 4 star competitions within the time period designated under general regulations, they are successfully representing Canada in international competition as […]

Ask the Judge

In a hunter course, there are some shorter options to the jumps. Should I take them? No. Make use of the whole ring, as it is not a handy class so Iím not looking for efficient turns. I want to be able to see as much of your horse as possible, and the best way to […]

Ask the Judge

When you are judging line classes, do you acknowledge the handlers or just focus on the horse? It really is all about viewing the horse, so I am focused on the animal, not the handler. If I am greeted by the handler, I will keep my response cordial and short, then move on to my job […]

Confidence-Building Groundwork for Young Event Horses with Jessica Phoenix

Building confidence in your horse starts from the ground up ñ and confidence is a must-have quality in an event horse. Thatís why when show season winds down, Canadian Eventing Team member Jessica Phoenix goes back to basic groundwork lessons with all of her horses, whether they are seasoned competitors such as her Olympic mount Exponential and Pan Am gold medal winner Pavarotti, or young horses just starting their eventing careers. Hereís Jessicaís advice about how to build confidence in your horse from the ground up.

Discovering Temple Grandin

Just saw a DVD of the film “Temple Grandin”. It was amazing. In the Bonus Features she, the screenplay writer and the director comment on each scene as it’s played. Because of Temple I went to the Nobleton library. She’s written several books, two caught my eye, “Animals in Translation” and “Animals Make Us Human”. […]

Divergent Theories on Saddle Fitting

There are many opinions and theories on saddle fitting. Occasionally, we have even heard riders say “I have been using my saddle for x number of years. It fits me perfectly and fits every horse I use.” I have to really bite my tongue on that one, but usually just manage to smile and say […]

Dress Rehearsal

We had our dress rehearsal for the April 14 and 21 Fundraiser for Youthdale Riding Program on the weekend. The weather forecast was sunny and plus five. Guess that Toronto forecast didn’t extend to King Township! We did see the sun (for a minute or two), but the temperature didn’t break “zero”. In spite of […]