Discipline: Show Jumping
Date of Birth: September 5, 1962
Place of Birth: Guelph, ON
Hometown: Schomberg, ON
Height: 5’5 1/2" 
Marital Status: single
Coach: self

Did you go to university/college? If so, what for? If not, do you regret not going? Why?
No, and I don’t really regret it. I think it worked out well in the end.

What are some words of advice for readers of our magazine that you’d like them to remember you for?
Try to live with a positive attitude everyday, whether in a sport or life in general. It helps bring success, determination and perserverance.

What is one of your worst habits?

Who is your favourite actor or actress?
Richard Gere

What traits do you like/dislike most about yourself?
I try to be a kind person and to be sensitive, so I think I’m a good friend. But I really despise paper work, and I procrastinate about it so it builds up, which I hate.

What is one item that you can’t leave home without?
My two Jack Russells.

Do you have a dog or cat? What kind? Do they go to the horse shows with you?
The Jack Russells, Rupert and Devon, go with me everywhere. I also have a hamster but he stays home.

If you couldn’t compete in your current sport, what other equestrian discipline would you like to try?
I think reining would be very cool.

Do you have any good luck charms or superstitions for competition?
I’ve gone down that road before and ended up accumulating things and rituals. You keep doing the same thing until it stops working and then you start over. I think when I was younger I did succumb to that a bit, but I’ve tried to school myself out of it.

What was your all time favourite movie?
Gone with the Wind and Titanic are tied.

What are your biggest pet peeves?
Negativity. Some people are always finding a reason why this can’t happen, or that can’t happen…I find that tiresome.

Of all your past horses, which one did you enjoy the most?
It’s a tie between Monopoly and Altair. Both had such different personalities, and I love them both for different reasons.

Do you coach and do you enjoy it? Will you continue to coach after you stop competing yourself?
Yes I coach and I enjoy it. I’m sure I will keep coaching even after I stop competing. I enjoy students who have aspirations to achieve their personal best and be diligent in their training, who have the same philosophy in terms of their career as me.

Which words or phrases do you overuse?
I try to be aware of that. I’m just fascinated with the English language.

When did you start riding and how? (Pony Club, backyard pony, etc)
When I was eight and my mom got me 10 lessons at the YMCA. I was also in Pony Club (a graduate B) and 4-H.

What is the coolest place you have ever visited? When? Why?
I think I love California because of the topography. You have ocean and deserts-its all so different. I love tranquility and calm, and I think California is a calming place (besides L.A!) I also love England because my family is from there. I think Devon is quite beautiful.

If you could ride anyone else’s horse, which one would you choose?
There’s so many…but I think Pierre Durand’s Jappeloup looked like tons of fun to ride.

What is the most memorable/important horse show moment to you? Why?
My first time on the team with Monopoly when I jumped double clean at the Nation’s Cup. It was amazing just to be there and the double clear was just icing on the cake. Also when Altair and I were second at the De Maurier International at Spruce Meadows. Even though we didn’t win, there was such a partnership that day, and the crowd was amazing. It was just a magical day.

Tell us about your first pony?
He was called Teddy, and he was a fat Shetland with a flaxen mane and tail. He was a most horrible character. He would put his head down between his knees
so the saddle would slide forward and I would fall off, always when we were the furthest point from home. My parents learned to always have the car ready to come and pick me up. He put a lot of determination in me as a young rider of about eight. He was very clever, very cunning. I think I learned to persevere from him.