Discipline: Dressage
Date of Birth: August 27, 1971
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia
Hometown: Stouffville, ON
Height: 5’3"
Marital Status: Married
Coach: Christilot Boylen and Udo Lange

Did you go to university/college? If so, what for? If not, do you regret not going? Why?
I went to the University of Toronto where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Commerce. I then went to George Brown College to study Culinary Arts. I thought I wanted to be a chef, but I soon found out that I hated cooking!

What are some words of advice for readers of our magazine that you’d like them to remember you for?
The best advice I can give riders out there is to enjoy every moment with your
horse. Enjoy the level you are riding at, soak it all up and never take anything for granted.

What is one of your worst habits?
Eating lots of ice cream. I am totally addicted!

Who is your favourite actor or actress?
Charlize Theron

What traits do you like/dislike most about yourself?
The trait that I like most is my ability to enjoy each moment in life. The trait I like least is my constant worrying ( I worry about everything).

What is one item that you can’t leave home without?
My dog, he is my best buddy.

Do you have a dog or cat? What kind? Do they go to the horse shows with you?
My dog Brisbee, not only goes to shows with me, but he went all the way to Germany with me for my pre-Olympic training! He is definitely top dog, both at home and abroad.

If you couldn’t compete in your current sport, what other equestrian discipline would you like to try?
I love reining, that would definitely be my second choice.

What was your all time favourite movie?
Austin Powers

What are your biggest pet peeves?
Riders who blame their horses for training issues.

Of all your past horses, which one did you enjoy the most?
They all had special qualities, but Royan will always be so special to me. He has a huge heart and I am very close to him. In just two years he brought my lifelong dream to me when we went to the Olympics.

Do you coach and do you enjoy it? Will you continue to coach after you stop competing yourself?
I do coach and I absolutely love it. I imagine I will always coach, or at least help riders in one way or another by sharing my experiences.  

Which words or phrases do you overuse?
"Don’t feed Brisbee! He’s on a diet!"

Is there one song that describes you and your way of life?
For the past year, the song that best describes my lifestyle has been "Oh Canada". In 2005, that song will change to

When did you start riding and how? (Pony Club, backyard pony, etc)
I started riding in the Philippines at a local Pony Club when I was 10 years old.

What is the coolest place you have ever visited? When? Why?
I am extremely lucky that I have had a chance to visit many wonderful countries. The coolest I guess becomes personal, because it’s not only the country, it’s how it affects you. With that in mind, definitely Athens was the coolest place, not only because of the Olympics, but also because the people of Greece were so warm and welcoming, with such remarkable history and culture. I also loved visiting Spain. The people were so friendly and the Spanish culture was completely captivating.

If you could ride anyone else’s horse, which one would you choose?
Probably Salinero. I would love to feel that Piaffe and passage.

What is the most memorable/important horse show moment to you? Why?
Riding down centre line at the Olympics with Royan. I have dreamed about the Olympics my whole life and the feeling that I had riding around the outside of the arena was so thrilling, I could not believe I was riding there!

Tell us about your first pony?
I never owned a pony, but my first horse was a 16 hand Trakehner gelding named Sonet. Sonet was a perfect first horse, checky enough to make life interesting, but so sweet. He took me to the North American Young Rider Championships three times!