Sorry everyone! I drove home from Fair Hill Sunday night arrived home at 1:00 a.m. Monday. Then at 3:00 a.m. mum drove us three hours to Pearson Airport in Toronto. I’ve been in Argentina visiting José Ortelli until 5:00 a.m. today when we arrived back home.

I didn’t realize how long the flights were. I was stiff when I arrived in Argentina from competing, driving and flying. I was stiffer arriving home from dancing all night then flying and driving.

Wednesday night we thoroughly enjoyed dinner and tango. It was an amazing restaurant with tables all around the stage. The performance was “Tango Through the Ages.” Everything from the singing to the outfits was incredible. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Wednesday, during the day, we enjoyed a show jumping competition. Two rings running side by side (classes from 1.20m – 1.40m).

José rode his own stallion and a lovely mare belonging to a client. We watched horse after horse that we would love to ride. All phenomenal jumpers.

Ok, back on topic WE WON FAIR HILL CCI3*!

I have already written about dressage and cross country, so now on to finish with show jumping on Sunday.

I really wanted to leave the jumps up. I had an idea the time was going to be tough after watching many top horses get one time fault on course.

Woody felt super in the warm up – fit and full of running. I only ride him once on day three and that’s my warm up for show jumping. I jump as few fences as possible to keep him fresh. We didn’t go into the ring with as much pep as I felt in the warm up, so next time I will jump even less in the warm up.????

Woody felt really good over the oxers and started to show jump the verticals by brail. So I had to “package” him carefully for each fences, which cost me time faults. Less then a rail in penalty points tho so….????

I was REALLY happy to go clean over the jumps and tried not to dwell on the time faults. I figured I would be in the top five and was very happy with Woody’s improved performance in every phase. While I was talking to Buck after his round he said “You just won Fair Hill. Congrats!” He was watching the ring more then I was. I thought I had given away the chance to win Fair Hill with my times faults on cross country.

I couldn’t be happier for John and Judy Rumble who were there and bless Dougie Hannum for getting them to the ring for prize giving. It was awesome to hear our national anthem. Many thanks to the wonderful support and sponsorship of our sport from Tim Dutta and Corp.

Thank you to Fair Hill sponsors, staff, trade vendors, fans and volunteers. After the super course here I feel confident to take Woody to Europe thanks to Dutta Corporations incredible prize of a flight for Woody!

Thank you to all my coaches, to mention a few: Christilot Boylen, Bruce Davidson, Jonathan Millar, David O’Connor.
Special thanks to the Rumbles for getting me there on such a lovely horse. Thank you Melissa Mckee, Mark Rutherford, Morag McMurray, Usha Knabe for keeping Woody on track.  All my clients, staff, family and friends back home who make this possible. And to my sponsors who we literally couldn’t do this without: Voltaire design, Omega alpha equine, Purina Canada, Fits riding, Shires Equestrian Canada, Jojo sox, Haysmart, La Mundial, Draper therapy, Charles Owen helmets, Tipperary Pheonix vests, Live well centre Kingston, House of Angelis, Boogaloo boots, Eventing Canada, Thin line.