Wednesday Thursday and Friday, ok, I admit it, the days got away from me. It continues to be hectic with the OTTBs, Riley and Zephyr home, and all the horses being got fit for the upcoming Ontario Season. I think everything kicks off in the first weekend in May.

Rummy is doing really well with his program. He is starting to stretch and lower his neck and find his balance underneath the rider. He is very easy going about who rides him but has mostly been worked by Anne Marie who is making him a bit of a favourite. He is enjoying being someone’s favourite. Benny is a big cuddler and tends to get a lot of passing traffic attention at his stall. All our boarders like to visit with the boys. The photo is Tori Morgan on her own OTTB, Annie. Alex Morgan on the grey appendix quarter horse, Noah. And Anne Marie Duarte on her ‘favourite’, Rummy.

The youngsters out hacking in glorious sunshine.

The youngsters out hacking in glorious sunshine.

So Wednesday Rummy did his first class flat lesson. He did all sorts of circles and turns, changes of rein and transitions from walk through trot into canter and back again. He struggled a bit with minding his own business, he really wanted to stand in the middle and watch everyone else. He was fascinated by everyone turning and passing him one way then the other. After about twenty minutes he settled down to his own work and he was great. Benny lunged on Wednesday in the Pessoa. He still finds that quite difficult and exhausting. He needs a nap every afternoon.

Thursday Benny hacked and Rummy did his first trot sets. As an eventer he will be doing a lot of these in his life. He did two fifteen minute trots, real big boy stuff. Today Rummy had another jump school. This time downhill slightly as there is a slight slope in our jumping arena. He found the slope much more difficult to deal with and had a hard time controlling the momentum of his body weight when he lands after his little X. Finally he did two Xs, eighteen feet apart and managed all his knitting and landed in a not too ‘rolling down the hill’ canter.

Selena and Woody did the Advanced Dressage at Fairhill today, Friday, and she was really pleased with him. His walk and his changes were really good, the medium trot needs more work but the extended trot wasn’t bad at all.